Atlas Copco has conducted an appraisal of Click&DECiDE with a view to creating a more functional decision-data support system for the business area “Mining & Rock Excavation”, with some 14 000 employees.

As a result of the appraisal, Atlas Copco is implementing Click&DECiDE throughout the business area and at all companies within the Atlas Copco Group that employ Infor M3 (ERP) solutions.


Why Click&DECiDE?

  • Click&DECiDE is simple to use and supports all the company’s ERP solutions, Data Warehouses, SAP BW, Microsoft Analysis Services, Infro BPW and web service data sources.
  • A tool that can be used with all data sources, it cuts lead times and costs for communicating correct information to fellow employees.
  • Special functions for IBM iSeries enhance efficiency.
  • Smart integration with other programs such as Excel, Excel PowerPivot, QlikView..
  • Powerful report generator for automated distribution of relevant information to fellow employees moves the business forward.
  • Integration with Infor M3 panel for enhanced efficiency of decision-data support linked to day-to-day ERP activities.
  • Easy creation of interactive dashboard applications, featuring support for mobile units, without programing or coding.
  • Powerful portal functionality, linking all types of application and enabling publication for internal and external users such as customers, suppliers and partners.
  • All at reasonable license fees.
  • Avoiding the need for programing and coding, Click&DECiDE sharply reduces the cost and lead time for developing decision-data support applications. An added bonus is that the Query result/logic is entirely separate from the presentation interface.