Reporting Services offers a simple approach to standardization of decision-data applications in several areas.
Reporting Services reuses previous presentation interfaces as templates for speedier results at less cost when developing new applications.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This also ensures that earlier know-how and current competence is utilized more effectively.

For those who seek consistently reliable performance, Reporting Services offers solutions for decision-data and business control such as:
• Operative ‘ad-hoc’ queries made to a range of different business systems and  database environments
• Analytical applications – cube applications
• Dynamic reports with sub-reports in valid output-data  formats
• Automatic production of statistic reports in a range of optional output-data formats
• Conversion and publication of IBM iSeries queries on the Web
• Web-based Decision Data Portal with personalized functionality and  information

Simple and efficient, at a fixed price of SEK 4,500 per application !

Reporting Services offers a major advance in the capacity to reach decision-makers at every level within your organization with the right information, in a simple and cost-efficient manner.
Reporting Services transforms wasted time into effectively utilized time by providing the requisite data in the form of mobile services.

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